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Once added, you can control a machine by selecting it in the list and selecting the Control button. Now you will have remote control of the remote client s console session, assuming (or sharing) control of it s keyboard and mouse. It is important to note that all ARD sessions and loginwindow sessions share the same console. This is the equivalent to /console connections in Windows Terminal Services.

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hen building Ajax applications, you re creating user interfaces that interact with the data on the server side. Building a user interface includes multiple aspects that could be considered unrelated. For example, it requires a number of elements on a form. You need to place these elements properly and verify them. The placing and verification could be considered unrelated, because verification can proceed regardless of how the elements are placed, and vice versa. This chapter doesn t attempt to dig through the details of how to place elements so that their usability is correct. Instead, this chapter digs through topics that focus on algorithms such as element verification, HTML dialog box generation, and dynamic layout generation.

The PlayingScreen uses a state machine similar to what we created in the last chapter for the RecordingScreen. Many of the same components are present in both screens, although as we will soon see they are used very differently.

One extremely powerful feature of ARD lies in its ability to distribute package installers, send remote unix shell commands, and even copy files to machines. When copying files, ARD will attempt to utilize multicast for distribution, making distribution of files and packages to machines on the same subnet extremely efficient. To push installation of a package to multiple machines, simply select them in your scanner or list and select Install Packages. Here, you can install standard mkpg and pkg-based applications. You can deploy multiple packages at one time, they will execute in the order that they appear in the list. This makes it especially happy for pushing software installs and then subsequent updates all in one swoop. Figure 7-28 shows the GUI for remotely executing UNIX shell scripts via ARD s Send Unix Command.

Unix shell commands are an equally invaluable utility for remote machines. For example, you may need to temporarily enable ssh access on a group of machines for remote management. Using ARD, you can easily push out the command to do this. First, select the desired target computers from a scanner or list and select the Send Unix Command option from the Manage menu. Alternatively, you can click on the Unix button in the toolbar. Regardless of your choice, you will be presented with the window shown in Figure 7-29. In the top field of the window, enter the command:

public static final int STATE_WAITING = 1; public static final int STATE_LOADING = 2; public static final int STATE_LOADED = 3; private int state = STATE_WAITING; private UiApplication app; private LabelField status; private InputStream source; private String type; private String location; private Player player; private StatusUpdater updater; private MenuItem startItem = new MenuItem("Start", 0, 0) { public void run() { start(); } }; private MenuItem playItem = new MenuItem("Resume", 0, 0) { public void run() { try { player.start(); } catch (MediaException e) { status.setText("Couldn't resume: " + e); } } }; private MenuItem pauseItem = new MenuItem("Pause", 0, 0) { public void run() { try { player.stop(); } catch (MediaException e) { status.setText("Couldn't pause: " + e); } } }; private MenuItem rewindItem = new MenuItem("Rewind", 0, 0)

This command loads a system daemon, and because of that needs to run with root privileges. To do this, select the option Run as User: and enter a value of root.

Due to human error, human incomprehension, or simple ignorance, people sometimes input the incorrect state. Every application needs to implement data validation so you can know if the data is a valid state.

{ public void run() { try { player.setMediaTime(0); } catch (MediaException e) { status.setText("Couldn't rewind: " + e); } } };

When you re done with your SSH work, you can disable it by simply redeploying the command with the unload parameter.

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